• Increasing Student Voice, Creativity, and Technological skills with Multimodal Writing
    I recently attended an engaging and impactful multimodal writing workshop led by Angela Stockman. While I’ve included multimodal writing in my high school English classes for a while now, the workshop reinforced its importance. […]
  • A Multi-pronged Approach to SEL
    Starting a new school year always prompts me to reflect on previous years. What can I do better? What do I need to implement? What do I want to continue? What’s different this year […]
  • Teaching The Skin We’re In
    As part of my Grade 12 University level English course this year, I decided to create a unit on the book by Desmond Cole – The Skin We’re In. Over the last few years, […]
  • Bringing a Fruit Roll-Up to a Knife Fight
    I was not expecting to talk about fruit roll-ups and knife fights, but who knew how impactful and informative that would be? I had the pleasure of attending a Symposium on Teacher Wellness hosted […]
  • The Future of Online Learning in Ontario
    Online learning and educational technology have enormous potential for good and We can level the playing field if we recognize the need to implement appropriate systemic support and have a progressive vision with students at the core.
  • Z is for Zen, Zoos and Zoodles
    I’ve often heard the old saying lately ‘when life gives you lemons make lemonade’. I’m sure we can all agree we’ve had a fair bit more than lemons thrown at us this year, it’s […]
  • The Stress Kettle
    Stress is kind of like a tea kettle.The water is our resources. The heat is stress. There are many days where the heat never even gets turned on and our well of resources remains […]
  • Digital Promise’s Instructional Design Tool
    Last month I wrote about the Learner Variability Navigator created by Digital Promise – my new favourite tool I have to say. And just when I thought it couldn’t be any more brilliant, they […]

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