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Words Grow

“Words aren’t made…they grow”

Lucy Maude Montgomery
A Multi-pronged Approach to SEL
Starting a new school year always prompts me to reflect on previous years. What can I do better? What do I need to implement? What do I want to continue? What's different this year that needs to be addressed in a distinct way? One thing that …
Teaching The Skin We’re In
As part of my Grade 12 University level English course this year, I decided to create a unit on the book by Desmond Cole – The Skin We're In. Over the last few years, our department has been updating our book choices, and last year my …
Bringing a Fruit Roll-Up to a Knife Fight
I was not expecting to talk about fruit roll-ups and knife fights, but who knew how impactful and informative that would be? I had the pleasure of attending a Symposium on Teacher Wellness hosted by the Ontario Teachers Federation a little while ago and am still …

Lynn Thomas

Hello! I teach secondary school English, actively trying to make learning relevant, incorporate mental wellness & social-emotional learning, collaborate globally, and use ed-tech to transform, engage, and increase accessibility & inclusivity.

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