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Words Grow

“Words aren’t made…they grow”

Lucy Maude Montgomery
Building a Digital Escape Room
What is an Escape Room? Escape rooms are a whole new way of experiencing storytelling and of adding gamification to your classroom. Typically, they are a room in which people are locked in order to play a game requiring them to solve a series of puzzles …
Creating Dynamic Content
Creating dynamic, interactive content is about more than looks or fun – it's about good pedagogy. Using dynamic and interactive content promotes social-emotional learning, increases engagement, decreases cognitive load, and learning science supports these assertions. Social-Emotional Learning Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process through which …
Increasing Student Voice, Creativity, and Technological skills with Multimodal Writing
I recently attended an engaging and impactful multimodal writing workshop led by Angela Stockman. While I've included multimodal writing in my high school English classes for a while now, the workshop reinforced its importance. The typical focus on the alphabetic mode as being better or more …

Lynn Thomas

Hello! I teach secondary school English, actively trying to make learning relevant, incorporate mental wellness & social-emotional learning, collaborate globally, and use ed-tech to transform, engage, and increase accessibility & inclusivity.

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