Success Criteria — Standards for this task
Content and Creativity – 40 %

Postings provide moderate insight, understanding and reflective thought about the topic.

Postings present a specific viewpoint that is substantiated by supporting examples and links to websites or documents, but not all links enhance the information presented.

Postings are generally well written with some attempts made to stimulate dialogue and commentary.

Voice – 20 %

Postings are written in a style that is generally appropriate for the intended audience and an attempt is made to use a consistent voice.

Postings reflect a bit of the author’s personality through word choices that attempt to bring the topic to life.

Text Layout, Use of Graphics & Multimedia — 20%

Formatting helps make the post easy to read

Selects and inserts graphics and multimedia that are mostly high quality and enhance and clarify the content.

Acknowledges most image and multimedia sources with captions or annotations.

Quality of Writing and Proofreading — 10 %

Writing has 1-2 grammatical errors.

Transitions clearly show how ideas are connected, but there is little variety.

Language is considerably engaging and fluent.

Most sentences are well-constructed with varied structure.

Citations – 10 %

Most information sources are cited accurately

Proper citation used for most images

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