The Epiphany of Knowing Nothing

” And any man who knows a thing knows, he knows not a damn, damn thing at all…” Take a Minute by K’naan

After years of schooling, practice, PD, Workshops, AQ courses and over 2 decades of experience I have finally gained all the wisdom I need to be able to teach successfully and I can bestow it upon you in three words – I know nothing. While this may sound rather facetious, it is true at least as a general attitude of mind.

My rebirth in ignorance really began in earnest when my children – I have four – came into their teenage years and subsequently entered the highschool where I teach. I was already a seasoned teacher, but seeing highschool through your sons’ and daughter’s eyes, up close and personal, really has a way of changing your perspective and making you rethink all you know. My epiphany came during that process and it boils down to the fact that I know nothing, or at the least very little. I had so much more to learn. How could I have missed how boring that lesson was? How did I ever think the way I was doing things was revolutionary? Or even remotely interesting? What a humbling wake up call!

That is when I started earnestly seeking out new ways of doing things and started to turn my practice upside down. I went into this learning curve clearly recognizing that I know nothing. I have come to understand that really that’s the best attitude I can have. I’ll never stop learning because, with knowing nothing, I have lots of room to keep growing. I used to think you ‘arrived’. Now I know arriving is an illusion that limits you – knowing nothing is the true freedom.

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