Don’t Just Interrupt – Disrupt

Definition of disrupt

a :to break apart – rupture

b :to throw into disorder 

:to interrupt the normal course or unity of

I have interrupted my normal course plans temporarily for special occasions and other timely reasons, but until recently I had never really disrupted my routine.

This past month my class and I have been involved in the Climate Action Project which has completely made me disrupt, rupture and break apart my old way of doing things and what an invigorating learning experience it has been! The disruption has forced me to look at the content and delivery methods I have traditionally used from a whole new angle, turn them on their head, and realize there are better ways. Most importantly I have discovered these new ways are do-able even if I may find it uncomfortable at first.

My class produced PowerPoint  presentations collaboratively, they blogged with another highschool, they worked together to create a video using a green screen, and they Skyped with classes from around the world. My class and I learned many things together and it was refreshing and dynamic! My students not only learned a great deal about climate change, but more importantly, they learned collaborative skills, ed tech skills, and practiced deep reflective learning.

Disrupting my normal routine has been one of the best learning experiences I have had. I would recommend a little disorder for everyone – it will, in the end, interrupt a stale state of mind.

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  1. I loved reading this! For so long the word “disrupt” brought only negative thoughts to my mind, but I love how powerfully positive the word can be. Thank you for sharing!

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