Moments to Find Your People and Your Beat

The Elusive Perfect Moment from The Educator’s Sandbox (theedsandbox) was the first blog post I read in IMMOOC. It was also the moment that I knew I was hooked. ‘This person TOTALLY gets Me’ is all I could think as I read. I too have been gripped by fear of ‘doing it wrong’. I’m so glad that joining learning communities like #IMMOOC and encouragement from colleagues in my Digital Lead Learners team have helped me break that cycle of fear. Now I love trying new things and jump right in to learn more!

My connections didn’t end there. Find Your People, also by The Educator’s Sandbox, seemed to describe my journey. I love the ending advice:

No longer will I advise preservice teachers to, “find your person” – they can do way better than that…

I was that teacher, but now, like the author, I have found my people. What’s truly amazing is just how many people and how I haven’t even met a lot of them!

Finally, the post that I will remember for a very long time is Moved by the Beat of a 16-Year-Old by Tara M. Martin. It so wonderfully describes the passion and creativity that our students possess, but it also reminded me how important it is to let go and let those students take the lead. For someone who fears ‘getting it wrong’, this is BIG!

I will take away so many nuggets of wisdom from many others like Kristin Houston’s As Elsa would say, “Let it Go”, Katie Martin’s Why Are We Still Assigning Homework?, or Annick Rauch’s Not Easy but Worth It. There are just so many!

Thank you all for being on this journey with me. You have supported and helped me more than you know.

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