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The Single Voices, Global Choices project is primed to begin the first of September and we are grateful for the many international companies who are supporting us as well as the many talented educators whose expertise and creativity inspire and teach us transformational ways to use educational technology and powerful pedagogical strategies that can both be used to improve student learning.

We are excited to use Microsoft Teams as our digital hub and one of our Ambassadors, Dr. Michael Harvey, has created this video to introduce everyone to the Microsoft Teams hub of our project.

Michael is a New Zealand science educator based in Malaysia. He is a MIEExpert, Flipgrid Global ambassador, Wakelet Ambassador, Apple Teacher, and Level 2 Google Educator. He is also the ISTE global PLN event chair and is involved in the Kakuma refugee project and Roots and Shoots program Tanzania. His educational research interests are developing global collaborations and the use of digital animations to enhance student understanding of complex abstract scientific concepts and linking this to cognitive psychology.

Dr. Michael Harvey
Some of the other supporters who have joined us are listed here in alphabetical order and we look forward to sharing innovative ways our teachers are using these these tools in future blogs.

Adobe for Education equips educators with tools that help students build essential digital literacy and problem-solving skills, preparing them to communicate their ideas in the classroom and beyond.

Global EdTech – offers global news, views & reviews from across the EdTech world.The Global EdTech website features daily articles covering a range of EdTech topics including industry news, virtual reality, online safety and STEM education. Their free monthly digital newsletter and quarterly magazine also digest and present all the key trends in a high quality, easy to read format.

GoBubble – offers safe social communication for younger kids (under age 13), both within the classroom and globally using a moderated platform. Students and teachers can post conversations as “bubbles” where they can upload text, photos, video, or links or create polls. Some classroom uses include asking students to lead a discussion around content learned in class, describe their digital footprint, or explain how they would spread kindness in their lives. Teachers can also use the program to conduct competitions[BZ1] [BZ2]  or have students collaborate on projects.

Microsoft – probably does not need so much of an introduction as almost everybody knows their products and services. However, it is important to know that their mission and values are to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential. Since 2018 we have used Microsoft Teams as our digital hub so that teachers could discuss teaching ideas, share resources, connect with each other and curate lists of interesting pedagogical tools and resources.

Palms – Pedagogic Active Learning Mobile Solutions support conceiving, designing and creating active teaching methods and their corresponding mobile solutions in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related education. They are creators of educational apps such as YoTeach!, Cell Game: and Badaboom!

Testmoz is a simple site that allows you to create a test that is accessible on the Internet. By using this tool, you can create an automatically graded test easily and for free! You can even include audio and video if you have an HTML embed code.

Wakelet – an amazing curation tool that allows you to save, organize, tell stories, and share multi-media resources’ for both the teacher and student. Some people call is a more powerful version of Pintrest and Instagram.

If you believe that we could partner up, feel free to contact us.

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