The Future of Online Learning in Ontario

  • lack of motivation
  • online feedback was not as helpful
  • there was less communication
  • not as engaging
  • isolating
  • overwhelming
  • lack of resources
  • less retention
  • no collaboration
  • picked up bad habits like procrastination and distractions
  • lacked support
  • formats were widely different from teacher-to-teacher so a lot of time was wasted in learning a new format/way of doing things online

They all agreed that these issues have had a lingering effect, for example, they still lack motivation, are plagued with procrastination and are less engaged overall.

Read the 2011 meta-analysis. (Durlak et al., 2011), a summary of the four major meta-analyses on SEL, and the 2021 report from the Early Intervention Foundation.

We can level the playing field if we recognize the need to implement appropriate systemic support and have a progressive vision with students at the core.

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