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I have presented to audiences on a variety of topics including creating dynamic and engaging content for online learning, learner variability and UDL, accessible & inclusive design. E-Learning, student voice, gamification, global projects and collaboration, AI in education, online learning, social-emotional learning, assessment and going gradeless, reading and neuroscience, as well as workshops on specific tools and platforms like Brightspace/D2L and the Microsoft suite of tools (Flipgrid, PowerPoint Presenter Coach, Immersive Reader, etc.).

I have shared these presentations and workshops both in-person and virtually at various conferences including the Ontario eLearning Consortium conferences BOLTT and VOLTT; Connect, the largest North American technology conference in Niagara Falls; the annual BIT educational technology conference; the Social Emotional Learning Karanga, the world’s largest online SEL conference; and with T4Education.

Below you can find a sampling of some of my presentations.

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The World of ChatGPT in the Classroom

This dynamic session showcases the game-changing power of ChatGPT in the classroom. Using real scenarios of using ChatGPT as a classroom assistant, I reveal how this AI can give personalized feedback, help with grading, and even create lesson plans. A demonstration of how ChatGPT enhances student engagement and promotes critical thinking by sparking insightful conversations is also included. By leveraging the power of ChatGPT as an assistant, educators can personalize instruction, provide valuable feedback, and foster a collaborative and interactive learning environment.

Collaborative Assessment

This presentation showcases the empowering potential of collaborative assessment. A discussion of the goals of this type of assessment practice is included. Student feedback regarding the assessment procedure and its affect on their mental health and stress level, their learning, and their overall performance is also provided.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a whole new way of experiencing storytelling and of adding gamification to your classroom. In a digital scenario, the escape room is a series of virtual rooms in the form of locked pages. This presentation discusses the benefits of Gamification and walks participants through the creation of a digital escape room using Brightspace/D2L. From creating the storyline, to puzzle and challenge ideas, to putting it all together using release conditions, intelligent agents, and other Brightspace/D2L tools everyhting you need to know to create a dynamic, interactive escape room is covered.

Release Conditions

This presentation takes participants through the ins and outs of release conditions in Brightspace/D2L. Use cases for release conditions and how to create release conditions are covered.

Improving SEL & Mental Wellness

in an Online Environment

Learn how to use templates, dynamic elements, and widgets to increase and support mental health and wellness and social-emotional learning in an online environment.

Learner Variability Deep Dive

Learners thrive when their experience is personal and meaningful. Learn what Learner Variability is and how the Learner Variability Navigator, a free tool, can help you find research-based strategies that support the whole learner so you can create better learning experiences today.

Social Emotional


By the end of the session, attendees will:​

  • Know the five areas of social-emotional learning​
  • Understand how social-emotional learning affects academic outcomes and why it is important for success throughout life​
  • Be aware of various educational technology tools and applications which support social-emotional learning​
  • Be able to embed social-emotional learning using various teaching strategies in their lessons – in face to face and remote/online situations​
  • Be able to use the Learner Variability Navigator to address student needs – academic, social & emotional – and use it to develop a workspace outlining the learning factors they want to focus on with their classes and appropriate teaching strategies to support those needs​
  • Understand the importance of self-care in supporting student social-emotional learning and well-being​

I’m All Ears

Learn the neuroscience of storytelling and the ways, along with the tools, you can build social emotional learning in your class.​

Flipgrid – Catch the Fever

Learn how Flipgrid can empower every learner to share their voice and respect the diverse voices of others.

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