The Walking Dead…at a School Near You?

People talk about the idea of a zombie apocalypse and if it could ever really happen, funny thing is it already has! Our children are being turned into veritable zombies everyday that they sit and do uninspired work at school or are expected to fit into a one-size fits all cookie cutter style of education.

I was struck as I read this line from Katie Martin’s Learner Centered Innovation,

Why do we accept disengagement as the norm? Are we really okay with being zombies, going to work day in and day out with little purpose or drive?

Katie’s frustration and downright disgust at the idea is palpable and I hope it would be to everyone – it certainly is to me. Thing is, that means we have to do something about it! Too often we complain about the sorry state of schooling today and the zombification of our children, but then we just go back to doing things the way we always have. That’s part of the problem!

I know I had many fears and stressful, sleepless nights worrying whether the new ideas I was trying would work or be a catastrophic disaster. It’s hard and uncomfortable, but I am so glad I powered through the doubt. I know I have grown because of it, and so have my students.

In a zombie apocalypse you can’t keep on doing everything how you always have. Face it, a mere trip to the grocery store could be fatal, but you can fight it. Arm yourself with innovation, enlist colleagues and your PLN to fight the battle with you, empower your students to rise up and crush those zombies.

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  1. Such a good challenge for all of us. I truly believe that the student agency and ownership achieved through IBL and PBL go very far in eliminating zombies and revitalizing learners. Great article!

    • Lynn Thomas – Mother of four, Secondary English Language & Literature Teacher, Digital Lead Learner, HP Teaching Fellow, Certified Microsoft Office Specialist, #MIE Expert, #MIEFellow, #MIE Master Trainer, #T4EduC Country Ambassador, President of Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, TeachSDGs Ambassador, @National Geographic Certified Educator, Project Kakuma Teacher, Writer for Global EdTech.
      Lynn Thomas says:

      Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback.

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